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When projector collecting gets out of hand

In 1982 we had bought our first house. It was a big 3 bedroom terrace house in Manchester. I set about filling it with projectors. In the front room were 4 complete projectors, a Ross GC3 on an RCA 9031 with 6,000ft boxes and a Peerless, next was a BTH AKB on a BTH Type M sound head and an Autoarc, then a Westar type C on a Westrex 2003 with a Peerless and finally a Baur Aro7 with a Monarc lamp house.

The best was in a projection room a friend and I had built in the back yard. In there was a complete pair of BTH SUPA Mk1 with 4 track mag penthouses. As I knew where all the SUPA's were round Manchester I bought every pair I could.   I made periscopes so I did not have to lean the projectors backwards to get the picture through the kitchen widow and on to the screen in the dinning room (We had knocked the wall down between the kitchen and the dinning room when my wife was at work)
Because my dad and I had taken most of the amplifiers out of all these SUPA's I had a problem as the only power supply I had, had a burnt out mains transformer, because of this I had 3 transformers on the floor to supply the 500-0-500volts for the HT, 5volt for the 2 rectifiers, 5volt for the V445 pre-amp Valves, 6.3Volts for the other valves and negative 35volts for the fader. It took me 12 months to find a replacement power supply. As all the SUPA's had been converted to xenons I had to get the carbon arcs from Waidbridge in Cornwall.

Although all this collection had to go when I moved to London I have never stopped collecting as you can see from the attached photo of the hallway in our house in Barry South Wales.  I now live in Shropshire and still have a collection of projectors including the Philips DP70 my dad serviced at the Odeon Hanley.
[Image: Nightmare2.jpg]

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