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Halifax update, September 2020

Dion Hanson

Now that we can begin working in Dean Clough again, be it with ‘social distancing’, the big clear up has started. Several collections arrived within weeks of each other and then with ‘lockdown’ they all had to be left where they were, which was in the main entrance. We are down to just three pallets left to go through.





The PPT archive at Halifax

Tom Harris

When most members hear the word ‘archive’ they think of filing cabinets full of paperwork. However, that is only part of the story. The paper archive consists of equipment drawings, manuals, publicity pamphlets and photographs, all of which require filing in different sections.




Brian Megson

Charles Morris has informed us that Brian Megson, who interviewed Jim Schultz in the video shown on this page, died on 17 December 2020. His funeral was held on 14 January at Cottingley Hall Crematorium, Leeds.

Below, Brian is shown with Jim Schultz receiving the BKSTS Frank Littlejohns Award for ‘outstanding work in the art and craft of cinema projection.’

An appreciation will be published in the March edition of Rewind.

Looking for a couple of free projectors?

We have received the following message from Jo Walker of the Community Interest Company, The Star and Shadow Cinema in Newcastle Upon Tyne

projectors and rectifiers

I am writing from a volunteer run Community Interest Company, The Star and Shadow Cinema in Newcastle Upon Tyne. We have two large 35mm projectors and two rectifiers to give away.

Problems: They are considered viable but currently not working. Some work is needed to make them work. They are missing lenses.

They are heavy but we have a pallet lifter so could load into a van with a wide opening.

These originally sat at the entrance our premises when we were renting a property on Stepney Bank and used as ornaments. They are called the Pillars of Hercules. Unfortunately, we don't have room for them now as much as we would like to keep them and show them off. We moved to a new building which we own and refurbished ourselves on Warwick Street.

We were wondering if anyone would be interested in them for their private collection or if you know of any organisation that would be interested in having them. We may be able to pay transportation costs.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.
Kind regards

Jo Walker



Dion Hanson writes

Often when researching Precious images for the series in Rewind I come across lots of pictures of projection rooms that have no indication of their location and so I do not use them. Consequently, we now have a page on the website where many of these ‘lost boxes’ will be reproduced. If you do recognise any then please let us know so we can correctly catalogue them in the archive.


The Projector Man

Jim Schultz

The late Jim Schultz is interviewed by Brian Megson star in this video.

Charles Morris writes:

Jim Schultz, a cinema engineer of high repute, died in hospital in Leeds on 29 May; he was 92. A lot of exhibitors up and down the country (and indeed abroad) will have known him and, like myself, will have had cause to be grateful to him.


Rewind specials

These specials are versions of our Rewind magazine covering selected subjects produced for online viewing.




Cinemeccanica Vic 8 on display at Elstree University Technical College

Another projector is now on display at EUTC thanks to Bob Mandry and Chris Woollard, and some help from our friends at Bell Theatre Services. This Vic 8 is ex Odeon Leicester Square with a smaller lamphouse, as when used by the PPT at Bletchley Park.

Those were the days

Johan C.M. Wolthuis looks back over the years of his fascination with widescreen.


Porgy and Bess

David A Ellis

David has written a number of articles for the website and Rewind magazine. All the website articles are now on their own page.

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