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PPT service facilities

Not just a collection

The Projected Picture Trust has a huge stock of working projectors, sound systems and associated equipment that has been restored to not just look good but to work well too. Add to that the expertise of engineers and projectionists who have spent many years within the cinema industry and you have comprehensive facilities that are available for special presentations, film festivals and more. Working projectors can also be provided as authentic props in films and for television.

In an age when digital projection has become widespread in cinemas there remains a need to be able to screen real film. The PPT can offer facilities that may be unique in present day cinema.

Are you a home cinema enthusiast?

If you have your own projection equipment there is a wealth of help available from the PPT. Members are only too willing to exchange information and advice. Spare parts are available from the PPT's own collection or from members. Our archive contains service manuals and technical information on a wide range of equipment.

The pictures on this page show some of the activities of the trust.

Tent cinema


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Cutting room




Mike Taylor


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