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From the 1960s onwards, Picture Palaces were being boarded up, turned into bingo halls, split into multiscreens or razed to the ground for redevelopment. Projection equipment was being thrown into skips or sold for scrap. It was these developments that in 1978 led to the birth of the PPT by the then BFI Technical Officer, Charles Beddow. Convinced that much of Britain’s arts heritage would be lost forever, he successfully created a steering committee and the rest, as they say, is history.

Run by an eclectic mix of respected industry professionals and cinema enthusiasts, the trust boasts a world-class collection of cinema technology artefacts and a growing digital archive that will eventually become an accessible hub of knowledge for just about anyone interested in finding out more about this fascinating, if often overlooked, side of our much-loved business.

With an impressive portfolio of real-world expertise, ideas as grand as the films we screen and hard-working, enthusiastic volunteers, the PPT has the potential to become a world leader in the field of cinema technology preservation.

The PPT, has a base at Dean Clough Mills, Halifax where the majority of the equipment is stored and there are displays across the country. The PPT goes well beyond just collecting equipment. The trust has a huge range of working projection and sound systems and is able to provide the expertise to install and operate for events such as film festivals. Equipment can also be provided as props for film makers.

Preserving,  restoring, educating, informing, advising, supplying, displaying, exhibiting

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Vice-chair Nigel Wolland
Dr Christopher Woollard 1953 – 2021
Peter Hollingham 1929-2021
An (ex)Star at Christmas
You’re Bond to like Phil Bolger’s cracker of a Christmas quiz
Meet the new membership secretary
The Bond score - 25 not out
Precious images: early photos of Duxford
Cinema heritage: Rivoli Cinema, Aigburth, Liverpool
The Dorchester Hull
A photographic tour of the PPT’s base at Dean Clough

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The Projector Man

The late Jim Schultz is interviewed by the late Brian Megson in this video.

The PPT collection

The PPT has an extensive collection of cinema equipment, largely stored at its base at Dean Clough Mills, Halifax but some is stored at Elstree and at Duxford.

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Fred Fullerton videos

PPT member Fred Fullerton has produced a large number of videos over the years and we are grateful to Fred for allowing us to feature many of them here. 

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These specials are versions of our Rewind magazine covering selected subjects produced for online viewing.

Our latest editions are Music for the James Bond films, looking back on a score of 25 not out, M anufacture of Strong lamphouse reflectors, based upon a brochure published in the 1930s, and Can you stand-in, looking at the people working as stand-ins for film stars.

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David A Ellis articles

David has provided a large number of articles, on a variety of subjects, for the PPT and the collection can be discovered by clicking the button.

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An introductory guide to film projection

Film projection has a long and storied history. There is a romance to film projection that is not shared with its contemporary replacement Digital Cinema–the idea that there is someone in a darkened booth cleaning and lacing the projector, changing reels and keeping an experienced eye on the focus and sound levels is a reassuring throwback to times gone by. Indeed, it took the cinema industry longer than most other entertainment industries to embrace digital technologies, but when, in the mid 2000s it finally did, the change from film to digital projection was rapid and in the space of five years digital cinema dominated the industry.
The Independent Cinema Office (one of the websites featured on our Other websites page) has published a booklet giving an overview of film projection. It was written by Dominic Simmons, and photographed by Alexa Raisbeck and Dominic Simmons.
The booklet can be viewed on the ICO website or viewed directly here. 

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