The Projected Picture Trust

Video library

Andrew Fenner organ slide show

A complete re-creation using the original Morgans glass slides of an interlude devised by the late ABC organist Andrew Fenner and originally screened at the Savoy, Northampton (and other ABC cinemas) in the late 50s. 

Odeon Kingston projection

This item was shot using 16mm film but this was recovered from a VHS version. It was made in 1960 and shows projection using two Gaumont Kalee model 20 projectors in an age of cinema projection that has long since vanished.

Saronie Master Showman

James ‘Saronie’ Roberts was born in Liverpool in 1872 and was one of the pioneers of cinema in the city. 

Cinerama memories

A look at the Abbey cinema in Liverpool from its opening in 1939 to closure in 1979. It was the home of Cinerama in Liverpool from 1964.

Birkenhead insight

Birkenhead town hall's cinema.

Reel heroes

Some of the cinema projectionists from Liverpool remember the golden age of cinema.